Educational Assessment/Consultation

Educational Evaluations The education system is different than the 1980’s when we were in school.  For example, what we recall doing in 8 th grade appears to now be taught to children in 6 th grade...and what was taught in 6th grade now seems to be what students in 4th grade are required to do.  The expectations and demands have increased – the bar has been raised.  For the most part, our children have adapted to the expectations.  But not all children are capable – their brain functioning may not be developed to meet the demands, the challenges may overwhelm them causing frustration or anxiety, etc.  The result? Their school performance suffers – their test results decline, homework time increases, abnormal behavior patterns develop, and emotional challenges increase.

In the current education environment, unfortunately the “system” creates the need to identify disabilities – the problem must be in/with the child…external factors are often ignored.  The challenges experienced or displayed by the child may be from external factors (i.e. lack of differentiated instruction, lack of understanding on how your child learns, etc), or it could result from unidentified internal factors (i.e. cognitive deficits, learning disabilities, executive function challenges, emotional/behavioral difficulties, etc).  A thorough educational evaluation can provide answers to assist your child if they are struggling to maintain the pace of the education system.

A complete educational evaluation will be tailored to meet your child’s needs and include information from school personnel to obtain the complete picture.  Having an understanding of how your child learns best, his/her strengths and weaknesses, and sharing this information with school personnel can help your child achieve success to his/her potential.

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Section 504/Special Education Consultation Children with disabilities often receive classroom accommodations and/or specialized instruction to support their needs.  These generally occur through Section 504 or Special Education.  Navigating and understanding the nuisances of each of these programs can be challenging for parents.  At times, the meetings and discussion – as well as the school-based evaluations and individual plans – can be overwhelming and intimidating.

We can provide consultation and support to lessen the degree of confusion.  We can provide guidance and understanding in partnering with the school district to develop the best plan of action for your child.  We can help and change the tone of the process.

Contact us at any point in the process of Section 504 and/or Special Education.